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SCORPIO ELEKTRO XXI has developed a tool for remotely controlling and managing its flux regulators- stabilizers and control centres.

It has modular software which is able to link up with other software, being able to adapt its communications module to programs and databases which are already on the market. This software is an efficient management tool which gives the user an important level of historical information and makes communication in real time a possibility.

The connection with the control modules of the different systems is carried out voluntarily and promptly, giving a maximum reduction in communication costs and allowing historical archiving on a permanent basis on the hard disc of the PC for its analysis at a later date.

By communicating with the SGC+ control module it is possible to manage the parameters and measurements taken and stored on this module.

As well as this management, it is equally capable of carrying out programming changes to the said module and activating or receiving input and output signals from the control panel (contactors, switching gear, sources, motors, etc...), centralizing and controlling said information from a PC.

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