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The SDR differential relays are special devices which, thanks to their smart logic, control the current leakage to earth in electrical systems, discriminating whether the leakage examined is transitory or permanent and allowing, therefore, the system to reconnect again or finally disconnect the line under control, depending on the type of leak.

Its most common use is in public lighting systems where the reason for a section of the network to be out of service could be, for example, a lightning strike which affects a certain area and has repercussions on other sections of the line, through its connection to the earth.

These devices will activate on leakage to earth, but in the following verification, after more or less 60 seconds, once it has been checked that the leakage has gone, they will automatically proceed to reconnect the lighting network under control, therefore avoiding that the line is out of service and the corresponding intervention of people from the maintenance company.

The differentials can be adjusted with regard to reply time and strength of shot. The reply time allows a greater selectivity at the time of connecting two devices in series.

They are also totally prepared for remote control with an output to show its status or an input for remote resetting. This characteristic makes them suitable for interacting with the SGC and SGC+ modules.

These re-connectable differentials, in association with Scorpio Elektro XXI flux regulators-stabilizers, co-ordinate the re-switching on of the system after an intervention, avoiding that the system suffers any damage while trying to restart with reduced voltage.
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