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The RTE three-phase flux regulator- stabilizer model used for reducing, regulating and stabilizing voltage in public and/or private lighting systems, are mounted in a single frame which contains the 3 phases which are completely autonomous and independent in terms of their operation.

Each phase are usually installed between the phase and neutral, regulating and stabilizing the output voltage independently.

Using a commuting system based on a binary concept of the different captures of transformators manufactured by static elements, is obtained a combination of variable voltages, which gives a precision better than 1.5%.

Standard equipments allow input voltages of 230V 7% and provide an output of the programmed stabilized voltage.

The serial RTE included a system to detecs any micro power cuts on the grid and carries out a restart cycle to avoid any flickering of the lights that have gone out for this reason.

   Regulator and Stabilizer
  Phases completely independent
  Precision better than 1.5%
  Micro power cut detection system
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