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The RSC and RSCE three-phase flux regulator- stabilizer models used for reducing, regulating and stabilizing voltage in public and/or private lighting systems, are mounted in a single frame which contains the 3 phases which are completely autonomous and independent in terms of their operation.

These units are usually installed between the phase and neutral, regulating and stabilizing the voltage of each phase independently.

The technology used is based on the physical principle of coupled windings. According to this principle and depending on whether the windings are connected in the phase or against it, the voltage is added on to or subtracted from the grid by means of the corresponding direction of induction.

Using a commuting system based on a binary concept, a combination of variable voltages with steps of 0.7 volts is obtained, which gives a precision better than 0.5%.

Standard regulators-stabilizers allow input voltages of 230V 10% and provide an output of the programmed stabilized voltage.

The regulator detects any micro power cuts on the grid and carries out a restart cycle to avoid any flickering of the lights that have gone out for this reason.

  Range of 90 volts
  127 steps of 0,7 volts
  Precision better than 0,5%
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