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The “RCF” models are three-phase flux regulators, with each phase being completely autonomous and independent, used in the reduction, regulation and stabilization of the voltage in public and / or private lighting systems.

The technology used is based on power electronics. Using this system, the phases are controlled by means of a “chopping” of the current, giving a stable voltage with linear control of power surges less than 0.1 volt and a precision higher than 0.2%.

The standard RCF regulators allow input voltage of 230V ±10% and output the stabilised programmed voltage. Normally they are installed between phase and neutral, controlling and stabilizing the output voltage of each phase independently.

They are designed to detect any micro power cuts in the grid and carry out a restart cycle to stop any lights that have gone out for this reason from flickering.

All of the electronic elements can be found inside the independent frames (by phase) with removable connectors which allow a quick and easy change of parts without the need for dismantling the whole unit.

·  Lineal control
·  Precision better than 0.2%
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