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The SCORPIO M.S. range of Control Centres for public lighting is characterized by its special robust and elegant design, the industrial model of which is registered by the company Scorpio Elektro XXI. They are equipped with an intelligent management system made up of micro-controllers with specialised software which allows them to be controlled remotely. The main characteristic of this remote control is its easy adaptability to any installation and computer system.

The need for integrating the whole system was a major consideration in the design of the intelligent control centres. All of its parts interact with each other: the control module, the regulator, the protective panel, etc.

Its special design brings together aesthetic and functional aspects, making the Control Centre into a decorative urban element.

SCORPIO has a large range of distinctive models for every need, depending on the technical characteristics required for the system, reflected in the different electrical wiring systems; its location and positioning, whether it is on a traffic island, with access from both sides of the control centre or access from only one side due to being up against a wall. A lot of consideration has been taken in the design with regard to the power of the luminous flux regulators, as well as the electrical supply companies' metering equipment which also need to be built in.

A protection rating of IP55 - IK10 has been given to the whole control centre unit (including the regulator-stabiliser) which the current regulations class as low voltage and, nevertheless is kept well ventilated due to its well thought out ventilation and filter system.

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